17 Mac 2017

today was a fairytale

why on earth today was so-called-a-fairytale? because we are; pre-university students will have nine days of break from school stuff. even though my class will have an extra classes from tomorrow until thursday for two subjects; pengajian am and geography, it's okay. as long as i still can take a beauty rest from every single things for three more days.

next, him; my close boy friend. that "oh, damn! he looks so damn good with his new dope hair style" face when your close boy friend is having a new hair cut. and you can't stop your lunatic eyes from looking at his hair (just his hair hokey, HAHAHAH!)

but, you do not let him know the truth that you were freaking excited (like you the one that having that new hair) about his. then, you just said, "nice hair bruh" without showing the real emotion. Lulz!

but, talk to be honest, he looks cute oh with that style.

*shy shy*


p/s/s: the other reason why today was a fairytale to me because i'd a chance to talk and walked together with him like we used to. to be honest, i dont know why, im jubilant that we still close like before. for sure im gay about that fact because (i dont know whats wrong with my bullshit instict) i just felt like this one chick want to take my close friend away from me! -.- argh! i knew it that he is not belong to me but hey, i know him first than you oh!! :(

p/s/s/s: okay, stop. happy holiday students. assalamualaikum, take a good care of yourself while enjoying your holiday.


much love,
A. Cosgen

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