17 Ogo 2017

P R E T T Y part I

Last couple weeks, I'd asked four of my classmates; men, a very simple question. Plus, one of them is my ex-crush. Lol! I asked them personally,

"what's the definition of pretty from your point of view?"

I got various answers from them:

  • Pak Dollah: Just be yourself and you'll be pretty the way you are.
  • Kiddo: Pretty is everything about simple. Eg: Not wearing too much make-up.
  • Mata Cantik: Pretty is everything. Eventho when she's gone mad, you as a her boyfriend still wearing a smile on your face bcus she looks cute when mad.
  • Mr H: Pretty is a woman who has a pretty face. A look is the priority things for me. Then, their attitude. And I can act handsome in front of them especially my girlfriend bcus she's pretty. 

p/s: I'll make sure to continue this entry in the future with "P R E T T Y part II" after I asked the same question from people that I close the most -- one of them is, "Angry Bird". 

10 Ogo 2017

Sakit itu ujian dari Dia

GWS, my Muchkin'

Manusia memang tidak pernah lepas daripada ujian hidup. Salah satunya sakit. Semoga Allah senantiasa melindungi keluarga aku dari segala sakit yang bahaya, Muchkin' dan kening cantik sembuh -- Amin ya Rabb.

p/s: "Allah usik hati kita dengan ujian. Sebenarnya Dia rindu dengan kita. Dia rindu dengan suara kita untuk menyebut 'Ya Allah'." Aku mohon untuk sekali ini, jangan ditimpa aku dan keluarga aku ujian yang besar kerna kami tidak kuat ya Allah. Amin ya Rabb.