25 Jun 2014


i'm tired,
please stop,
stop playing with the heart,
called love or whatever.

7 Jun 2014



It's been two months since I didn't updated anything here. And yeaah! Now, I wanna talk talk and talk here. First of all, 16. Yeaah! I'm 16 now, on 7th June 2014. Feeling? Mix feeling, actually.
Happy? Sure! :) I'm happy not only I'm a birthday girl today but, I've got a monopod etc and.. Beats by dr dre again! ^^ As a gift from my shopping online. There's a lot of things that made me happy today. And yeah, I'm feel so sad too. I'm not sure why I should be sad for this reason, but.. I think I'm so... (I don't how to describe this feeling) because I didn't replied all his (a friend of me on facebook) messages since he sent me a 'different feeling' message. I'm so shocked too. To be honest, I liked him. Because he's kind, friendly and blablabla. But, I'm not liked him for that 'different feeling' thing. He's like my brother and also my counselor (sometimes, -.- HAHA! And, jiwangs ft formal man in the world too. Opps! Hehe, sorry) And now, he's already at his school at somewhere on earth. And, start that day he sent me the 'different feeling' message, I deleted his phone number from mine. And the worst thing is, I unfriended him (but, we're friend again now). I know, I'm a worst ft arrogant person in the world. But, I did it for him too. I didn't want him to give me so much hope for that. Stop that jiwangss part. Last night, I already settled it with him. And yeah, thankfully, he told me to forgot it! At least, I already told him the true thing, right? Now, we're are friends again like before :) Annnnnd, I'd got shocked feeling too. I've met my old crush at pasar tani, hehe. He's so cute! But, I'm not crush on him anymore now. Not at all.

9 days more, and school will start again like usually. That's mean, sem II will begin. I hope I can be better after this. Pray for me ^_^ Omoo! It's 11:08pm already. Time fly so fast. I need to go now. Babai, good night.

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