13 Sep 2017

STPM S3 just around the corner

I am quit from form 6.

Ya, I know some of you might say, "bodoh. alang-alang sudah tinggal 57 hari lagi seja." First of all, thanks for your 'supported bodoh word' and for those who are back-stabbing me -- Hey bad-mouth! shut the shit up and mind your own frecking poor life! 

I knew it "sayangnya. alang-alang sudah.." Me, myself felt the same way too, but, hey, I dont want to regret anything from form 6 when I got nothing in a year and half later. I dont want to repeat the same mistake I did when I was form 4 when the others said, "Try seja." but my parents said, "follow your heart". Hey, this is about FUTURE already.. 

A VERY BIG NO "GIVE IT A TRY" when you knew your limit and you can't do it. 
Am I right?

To be honest, I dont need others opinions when my parents already said, "Just go before Yu regret it next year when Yu can't achieve what Yu wants to be in the other day."

A very big thanks to those who are supporting me even I knew deep down you guys felt frustrated too about my decision. I'm not planned about this - at all. Pretty sorry to my lects too. Thanks for everything.

These are messages from my classmates, bestie, juniors and cousin. Touched.  Thanks guys, you really made my day.

p/s: Success is the best revenge. 💪💪