10 Mac 2017

our friendship

assalamualaikum, hello and good night (or i should say, midnight; its 11:38pm now). 

its raining like cats and dogs out there since a couple days ago. now, its freaking cold bruh at kinabatangan (somewhere at sabah)! actually, i do have a lot to say this moment but its almost 12 and i have an extra freaking class tomorrow to finish our assignments as pre-university students.

so, as to why i am updating my blogger right now because i want to share my precious moment; i've met my friend that i know from facebook and a writer in blogger too (when i was 14, i asked her to help me edited mine). i still can't believed it that i have a chance to meet her. she is pretty actually than i ever saw her picture in facebook. i met her at perpustakaan tawau, 4th of march if im not mistaken the date. yeah i know its last week but, a little throw back wont hurt, right?

that budak kecil

p/s: after this, i hope i can meet laila and zani too.

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