19 Jul 2017


You've wasted so much time wondering why people left you. Feelings faded. People will change somehow. So don't expect much from anyone. Focus on yourself first because nobody is going to help you except yourself and don't waste your efforts and time on those people anymore. 

People think I am stronger because of I have been through so many things. 

Truth is, I am not. I am still hurting when everyone is leaving. No matter who they are; close family members, friends, old friends and crush. (Crush?)

Phew! What was happening at school just now really effing bullshit. I just cannot wait to finish this last semester with flying colours and cloud nine -- Leave the bullshit things. EVERYTHING. Except for the certain things that brought tremendous memories to me.

p/s: "There are people who are fall in love like or crush with us, just like that. But, as time goes by, some just stop loving like or crush on us and walk away, just like that." Why am I feeling blue ya deep inside reading this statement? :( Maybe its a true fact nowadays that people come and go from our life; easily.

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