6 Jun 2017

i keep this relationship of friendship in polaroid

assalamualaikum and salam 11th ramadhan al-mubarak readers. 

it's been a few days since i do not updated anything since the day i had my sem 2 exam oh. last week when me and family went back to kampung, i went to the photo shop to take mine. guess what? it was polaroid! me hearts it so much! so then, i will make them like the photo below. 

yes i admitted that i made it one in my beautiful calm blue bedroom at kampung but its not polaroid. just a few ordinary 4r photos that i put like that. and those photo stuff i bought from kaison at kota kinabalu. to be honest, im a huge buyer of kaison. lulz! and yeah! when I was there, I unable to control my lunatic lust of being a shopaholic. errrghh! 

so readers, these are the mine:

my love

my best friend and close boy friend

pretty right? actually, theres a lot of them and 4r photos that i have now. yeah,  i can't doubt it that i am a memory hoarder.

a couple of last months i made a video. special video i did as a memory with my form 6 classmates (2016 until 2017). check it out!

p/s: tomorrow; 7 june, im going to be 19th guy! my last teen. i cant believe oh im getting older. got to go, happy fasting and assalamualaikum :)

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